Friday, August 15, 2008

almost over

"it's almost over.... it's almost over" isx the phrase that keeps repeating in my mind... I'm running towards the finish line.. to be honest... this is crazy and I'm only sneaking in a little time to post this before I have to rush and finish everything else I have to do.

Too vague to explain.. suffice to say I'm @!#$%^&*( excited about returning in 4 days... but today when Gloria said in very static English as usual " I will mi---ss you/ when/ you are.. er.. go back." and Ivy silently wrote on a piece of paper " I hope you will come back agin" and corrected it to "again".... I... sigh. HOW does this strange thing hapen when you love so much you wanna cry? I'll miss them for sure.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

notice for MIA

I am posting a notice to declare that I will officially be MIA for the next 11 days till I reach Singapore. I will have no handphone number till the 20th... then everything will resume and I shall expect many welcome home messages!~~! =) ok.. actually.. no please don't. Hahah... I cannot imagine what I shall do if my hp is flooded with sms.

Anyway... as it is the last week here, coupled with olympics fever.. I actaully have alot of work to complete before I can say that I've done my duty well.

I'll be leading "songs" this sunday.. all in Mandarin... expecting the HS to turn up powerfully. =P hee. I'm also battle ear lobe infection which has me running to the hospital daily for "cleaning". I'm not taking Chinese antibiotics... so if something terrible happens... just know that I believe that it's His will anyway!!1 Meanwhile, keep me in your reyarps. ;)

Additionally. UYF is down with a swollen foot that is fast improving with grape juice... but please also think of him. He shall be "speaking" this sunday.

We have a concert on saturday for which I am to play the guitar for three songs!!! egad! also remember that...

and most importantly that during these last few days His will will be done in our own lives and for the lives of others....


Monday, August 04, 2008


Ok... it's 6:11am in the morning... and I'm not in the lab! Ah Lian has kindly activated one of the old ethernet wires that is strung up to the third floor... So i'm not sitting in a very hot room but able to get some kind of access to the internet. I say "some kind" because the connection is lost every 5 or sic seconds and I have to keep pulling the cord out and plugging it back in to actually send info. But I'm not complaining!

=) It's been a long while folks... how are you? It's suffice to say that I'm busy. I can barely believe that in two weeks time, I'll be on my way home from a stopover in Guangzhou! I'm further excited byt the fact that with some things going on, He has provided a way to come home 12 hours earlier so I have some more time to spend with my family (my parents are leaving on the 20th August). Now, I'll be flying back from GZ on UYF's flight and reaching at 3pm? ont he 19th! So... though I have this IDMC conference thingy... we can meet up 20th night? for dinner? or supper?? Hee.. I know it's like WAY too early to be making plans like these... but I'm so darn excited about returning and seeing all again!

I miss everything now. I've really gotten to the point where anything about home makes me wanna break down and sob and come back. HAHAHA. ok... not so bad, I'm being dramatic. I do miss home... but I have a naggy feeling that in a week, I'm going to be thinking how much I will miss the people here and then I won't be so eager for home anymore. =(

This weekend... in the midst of all the prep for this week.. I was really just thinking... what is home like now? I've been gone for almost 2 months... how different is it? I imagine that people could have changed alot. BAY probably has too... I hopw all this change has been for good though. Looking forward to being updated about everything when I finally reach home!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ah Lian's birthday

as promised...

From Ai's travels
and a couple more photos in my travels album
To and fro in 2 days.

Hmm... I am by grace alive and well... tired out and slightly traumatized, but not too badly hit that I will never come back... enough that I woul not want to ride a bus from Liannan to Shenzhen straight anymore.

I ad a good experience though. I met the NICEST aunty in Hongkong who brought me to the most posh dinner place to have roasted goose, wanton and vegetables... when I kept telling her "simple will do." She moved her home office so I could have a room to sleep in, and she bought a sim card for me to call Singapore (calling to M-comm). She refused to accept money for it... She let me use her internet, brought me water.... ... she gave me stuff to eat on the way back and even woke up at 5:30am to bring me all the way to East Tsim Sha Tsui station (as in take MTR with me) ... Ah.. that was being bles/sed no doubt.

Apart from meeting her, I got to buy some supplies. =)

So all in all I can only say that I guess He wanted me to go through the experience.... sighs. 26 more days to home. Honestly... I'm missing home more and more and more and more.

Do you know that they do not sell butter here??? heh. so can't even try to survive bread and butter. I'm craving rest... convenience... cleanliness... safety... boyfriend and family.

I really do miss my family now. I miss sharing food with my jie... or my brother who TALKS... I thought my brother always sleeps or shuts himself in his room, but after seeing UYF.. I think my brother is rather good after all.

Argh. I don't want to complain. I am here for a reason... but it's getting harder and harder.

Tomorrow I have classes again to "bu" the days I missed. I need grace.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Hongkong!

I'll be travelling to Hong Kong tomorrow... and I'm kinda happy about it. Haha... because it gives me a break. Strangely enough, the feeling of being busy never changes despite where you are. And so... even though I willingingly came to LN, and I do like interacting with the students... the need for reprieve is ever present. I guess the One above knew that I would need it.

Imagine that! travelling is a break! hahaha... the old enai hates travelling to the core and rather not travel at all... yet somehow I am learning joy in this. strange.

and yes. PLEASE REMEMBER us here. crasy things have been happening, proving to us that though He is victorious, the evil one somehow enjoys crippling us from time to time. sadistic really.

- Wen Ying got locked into the toilet and took an hour plus before they dismantled the door knob and rescued her. She was pretty darn scared.
- The photocopier's "toner life" ended! after one week and less than two reams of copies. It's supposed to print 10, 000 copies.
- Washing machine is broken.. takes more than 6 hours to wash clothes
- Frequent electricity cut-offs....
- Students who don't want to learn but are forced and go through alot of hazzle and emotional turmoil.

grr! Get behind us!!!! That's all I wanna say. Whatever it is, we will persevere.... until I have no more life (since my voice has gone).

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Wow.. time flies and I can't believe it's been 4 full days since I've blogged. Recently, days have been so busy and the weather has been so hot that I haven't even felt like using the internet.

I currently have 3 different classes.
1) A primary school class on Tue/Thu from 8:30am to 10:30am
2) A secondary school class every weekday from 2pm to 3:30pm (8 students)
3) A secondary school class on Mon/Wed/Fri from 10 to 11:30am (3 students)

It sounds light... 2 classes a day, each about 2 hrs... but in actual fact, each secondary school student needs about 1hr to 3hrs of extra time to practice conversation and other things. It's been terribly hectic and I have to say that I can only er... continue at this pace through grace. and hopefully the students will start to get better... eeps!

On top of that, there's syllabus and worksheets to prepare. Meanwhile I'm also trying in my own small way to support SJ and her work with the interns. I'm also trying to get to know EV better. UYF is just way out of my league, so I'm depending on grace to work with him.

Anyway, I have to go and print worksheets. The boss is sitting next to me, and I don't wanna be slacking! =)

Oh! btw, I met Shenwei for like an hour yesterday, he's back in his hometown today and will be swinging by again on the 25th before he goes to ChangSha.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Enci spent half an hour in my room today.... playing the the guitar, camera and hairband.... Too cute lah!!!


Ai's travels